How to Manage Rhomboid Muscle Pain with Lifestyle Changes

Do you suffer from rhomboid muscle pain? If so, you're not alone. Rhomboid muscle pain is a common complaint among athletes and those who engage in physical activities. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes you can make to help manage your pain. First, it's important to identify the activities that are causing your pain.

You may need to switch to a different form of exercise, such as running or biking instead of playing tennis or rowing. Your healthcare provider may also recommend stretching and strengthening exercises, physical therapy, and applying ice to numb the pain. If you have been experiencing rhomboid muscle pain for more than five years, it's likely due to tension in the upper trap muscle. To relieve this tension, you should stretch away from the side where your head tilts.

Additionally, you can improve the strength, endurance, and stability of all your muscles by doing exercises recommended by a therapist. Boxing is another activity that can cause rhomboid muscle pain due to the shoulders being forward most of the time. To prevent this type of pain, it's important to focus on strengthening the muscles between the shoulder blades. Finally, if you're over 60 years old, it's important to be aware that age can contribute to rhomboid muscle pain.

To reduce your risk of developing this type of pain, make sure you're engaging in regular physical activity and stretching regularly. By making these lifestyle changes and following your healthcare provider's advice, you can help manage your rhomboid muscle pain and get back to doing the activities you love.