Can a chiropractor help with rhomboid pain?

Chiropractic neck adjustments are a popular treatment option for those suffering from rhomboid muscle pain. This technique involves carefully manipulating the spine and neck to restore proper alignment and relieve tension in the muscles surrounding the neck. If done regularly, these recommendations should help reduce pain and improve the tone of the rhomboid muscles. If your pain stays the same or gets worse, it's important to be evaluated by a chiropractor.

Spinal dysfunction can also cause these muscles to become problematic. If left untreated, the condition may not improve. There are a few different ways that chiropractors can help with upper back pain. Chiropractors often use spinal manipulation or other unique therapies that help the spine and musculoskeletal structure return to proper alignment.

The goal is to allow the body to heal itself, so that no medications or surgeries are needed. That pain, tingling, or weakness in the arms could be due to a problem in the neck, as could headaches and facial pain. These are all warning signs that it's time to see a chiropractor for evaluation and treatment. Once the treatment is determined, the chiropractor will begin with one or more spinal manipulations in which sudden force will be used in certain areas to fix the problems, so that he can seek pain relief and a better range of motion.

When you see a chiropractor to treat upper back pain, they'll focus their primary goal on relieving pain in any of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that surround the area. An injury could worsen over time, and then the chiropractor will have something more like the baseline to work with. Your chiropractor will review your medical history with you and perform a physical exam to determine the affected area and determine the best way to treat your specific condition. Once your spine is properly aligned, the chiropractor can help you with the right ergonomic advice at your workstation, which can help prevent future problems and improve your posture.

As a chiropractor, it's very common for you to see patients complaining of dull, aching, and persistent pain in one of these muscles. However, if you have chronic upper back pain that gets worse, goes away, but recurs frequently and makes your daily life more difficult than it should be, you should consider scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor to help you resolve the issues. Neck pain, like back pain, can mean that your spine is misaligned and you want your chiropractor to be well again. Everyone's treatment plan will be a little different and it's up to your chiropractor's sole discretion to decide what will work for you and what won't work well for you.

If it continues for about a week or becomes extreme, it's a sign that it's time to visit the chiropractor to treat back pain. It's just right if you want to see if it goes away on its own, but if it's been more than six weeks or two months of pain, see a chiropractor. If you have a little pain in your upper back, but it's not too intense or uncomfortable and goes away quickly, you probably don't need to seek treatment from a chiropractor. While deciding when to see a chiropractor for upper back pain will vary from person to person, there are some general rules you can follow to help you navigate the process.