The Link between Sleep and Rhomboid Muscle Pain: How to Address It

Do you experience pain between your shoulder blade and spine? If so, you may be suffering from rhomboid muscle pain. This type of pain can take a long time to develop, so it's important to take the necessary steps to eliminate it. In this blog post, we'll discuss all the exercises that can help you address rhomboid muscle pain.I personally have been dealing with rhomboid muscle pain for more than five years. I discovered this after taking X-rays and noticed that I had a habit of turning to the left and pressing my shoulders while sleeping.

An important antagonist of rhomboids is the serrata anterior, which has a myofascial connection with the rhomboids according to some schools of thought. This pain is very acute and I suspect that something in my karate or BJJ class stressed the rhomboid region.If you feel a little better with a direct massage of the area, it's more likely that the muscles are causing the pain. If you want, you can draw a shoulder exactly where you feel the pain and then I'll see if I can determine which muscle is involved. In addition, I always had muscle stiffness in the lower part of the left shoulder blade, as shown by the image of the scalene muscle after my neck got stuck last year.If I use my right arm to do too many things, such as cleaning, gardening, my shoulder muscles hurt.

They hurt 26%, if I continue with household chores, it will eventually cause a severe headache %26, even pain in my right arm, which will last for days. When the shoulder pain returned, I went to the chiropractor, who used an activator on the chest (right side), probably to relax muscles that might be tightening the shoulder blade.By stretching the hyperactive rhomboid muscles, you will help them relax and reduce pain between the shoulder blades. This is where you can feel pain along the muscles of your forearm, elbow, back of your arm, between your shoulder and neck. I suppose that pain can be experienced when the shoulder blade muscles try to slow down the movement of the arm after hitting the ball.

If the muscles between the shoulder blades are causing the problem, I would start by releasing the sore area with a massage ball.I'm dealing with what I can only assume is a rhomboid strain and can often “feel” if a muscle needs to be stretched or whatever. More studies are needed to measure the movement of the clavicle and rib cage in different sleeping positions and the effect of sleep posture on neck muscle activity in subjects with neck and shoulder pain.

Exercises for Rhomboid Muscle Pain

If you're dealing with rhomboid muscle pain, there are several exercises that can help address it. Here are some of them:
  • Stretching: Stretching is an important part of any exercise routine. Stretching helps relax tight muscles and improve flexibility.

    It's especially important for those suffering from rhomboid muscle pain as it helps reduce tension in this area.

  • Massage: Massage therapy is another great way to reduce tension in your rhomboids. Massage helps relax tight muscles and improve circulation in this area.
  • Strengthening: Strengthening exercises are also important for those suffering from rhomboid muscle pain. Strengthening exercises help improve posture and reduce tension in this area.


Rhomboid muscle pain can be very uncomfortable and difficult to manage. However, by following these exercises and taking other steps such as massage therapy and stretching, you can help reduce tension in this area and improve your overall health.