What triggers rhomboid pain?

Excessive muscle tension in the pectoral muscles and inhibition of the serratus anterior are common and often overload the rhomboid muscles. This relationship allows activation point activity to spread easily between these muscle groups. A strain causes pain in the upper back, between the shoulder blade and the spine. A spasm feels like a knot or tension in the muscle.

You may have pain when you move your shoulders or when you breathe. The function of the rhomboid muscles is to position the scapula during various movements of the shoulder and arm. It always makes you laugh, but it does so to physically represent the muscular action of the rhomboid muscles. I'm telling you this because the posture of a person with active rhomboid trigger points will be exactly the opposite of the “stallion” posture described by my friend.

These muscles help the rhomboids to move and share similar biomechanical functions with them, and they can become overloaded if they cannot perform their workload due to activation point activity or injury.

Rhomboid pain is called

pain between the shoulder blade and the spine (interscapular pain) that can even reach the base of the neck or to the middle of the back. Often, this rhomboid pain can be a little disconcerting for a trigger point therapist, as it only occurs after successful treatment for another pain problem in the upper back or neck. The slight twisting movement felt really good in the middle of my back, so I started researching what was happening there, which led to the rhomboids and continuing to search led me here.

I prefer to have the client in a standard position lying on their side to allow for more forward shoulder movement (to stretch the muscle) while releasing these trigger points. The rhomboid muscle group (composed of the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor muscles) is found deep within the trapezius muscle, between the vertebral column and the scapula, in the middle region of the back. I have a more complete understanding of the injury, why it happens again and of the various treatments that require care along the rhomboid to work properly. I was doing a cat cow this morning without heating up %26, my back immediately blocked and my rhomboid R hurt.

It is located deep in the trapezius muscle and is composed of the rhomboid major and rhomboid muscles minor. The rhomboid muscles are generally weakened and inhibited by the sunken chest and rounded shoulder posture that is so common today.